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To Eat, or Not to Eat Spinach: That is the Question with Oxalates

Even spinach, a so-called healthy food, is not universally healthy for everyone – it depends on the biochemistry of your microbiome!

NY minute


25 Easy Gut-Healthy Habits You Can Adopt in a NY Minute

What simple acts of health can you put in to support your gut and total body health?

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Support a Healthy Gut with DIY Kombucha at Home Probiotic Elixir

Make the probiotic drink kombucha to support gut health right in your kitchen at home.

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Springing Into Action: Movement to Boost Your Gut Health

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Oral Health

The Harmful Effects of Poor Oral Health on Your Quality of Life

Many struggle quietly with oral health, which can affect your ability to socialize, work, and interact with others.

HPV virus


HPV and Oral Cancers

What is HPV, and how does it impact the risk of other serious health conditions, like cancer?

Link between alcohol use and higher risk of oral and throat cancer


Does Drinking Alcohol Increase Oral and Throat Cancer Risk?

Alcohol is one of the most controversial beverages there is. How can it affect your risk of cancer?


Oral Health

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Oral Health

While cigarette smoking has declined, smoking remains the largest preventable cause of illness in the world.

How Your Overall Health Starts in Your Mouth

Oral Health

The Mouth Matters: Why Your Oral Health Sets the Foundation for a Healthy Body

The link is so strong that there’s evidence showing that a clean and healthy mouth can help prevent certain chronic diseases.

6 Things That Will Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Oral Health

6 Ways to Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a nice smile and fresh breath is pleasant, but do you really know if you’re taking the best care of your teeth?