Our mission is to digitize, decode, and decipher human biology for the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases and cancer.


A Signal
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The proprietary combination of Viome’s metatranscriptomic sequencing technology, our systems biology approach, and our AI machine learning platform is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry and transforming the potential for early diagnostics and targeted therapeutics.

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Our Science & Unique Approach to Human Health

Evidence-based precision nutrition improves clinical outcomes by analyzing human and microbial molecular data with artificial intelligence.

RNA Analysis

System Biology

Our AI Platform

Metatranscriptomic technology

RNA Analysis

Microbial and human gene expression are redefining how biological activities are viewed in relation to human health.


  • Rarely changes
  • Similar sequence in every organ & cell
  • Explains 5-10% of chronic diseases

RNA plays a fundamental role in human biology referring the instructions stored in DNA to make the proteins required in every living cell. Our approach is to use RNA medicines to instruct a patient’s own cells to produce proteins that could prevent, treat, or cure disease.


  • Dynamic, constantly changing
  • Vastly different expression in the body
  • Explains 80% of chronic diseases

Insight to Intervention

Our RNA platform for Wellness, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics allows us to translate information into valuable insights and meaningful interventions.


Our direct-to-consumer service analyzes gene expressions (RNA) in order to provide individuals with health insights and precision nutrition to live a healthier life.

This platform of over 400,000 samples enables us to enhance our understanding of human biology as a system in order to develop predictive biomarkers, precision diagnostics, and precision therapeutics to prevent and intercept chronic diseases.

  • Clinical improvements in IBS, Diabetes, Depression & Anxiety


Our predictive biomarkers provide us with the hypothesis to do clinical research and identify the signatures of chronic disease, cancers and aging.

  • Successfully developed over 30 predictive models for glycemic response, obesity, diabetes, depression, IBS, and oral & throat cancer, which represent over 50% of chronic diseases.
  • Breakthrough Device Designation for accelerated review by FDA to detect all stage oral cancer and throat cancer with ≥95% specificity and ≥90% plus sensitivity (CancerDetect® Oral and Throat test is not an FDA-approved or cleared test)


The signatures found through diagnostics allow us to determine the mechanism of actions to develop precision therapeutics in the form of drugs, vaccines and treatments.

Viome can determine drug effectivess, including immunotherapy, which is dependent upon the human microbiome.

  • Ongoing partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines for colorectral cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Our Approach to Cancer Diagnostics

Viome is committed to identifying the molecular determinants of cancer by systematically evaluating the host and/or microbial activities involved in disease onset and progression.


Carefully define the disease and non-disease cohorts based on all available clinical meta-data.



Systematically analyze those cohorts to identify a molecular signature, typically consisting of both human and microbial molecular features, that distinguishes the disease cohort from the non-disease cohort.



Validate the discovered molecular signature using an unseen independent cohort that includes clinically adjudicated meta-data.


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Oral & Throat

Our CancerDetect®- Oral & Throat test was developed over multiple years by Viome Life Sciences, Inc, based on clinical studies for diagnostic development and validation. This test is a non-invasive, at-home test that detects a molecular signature associated with Oral and/or Throat cancers with high accuracy.

Viome’s commercially available CancerDetect Oral and Throat cancer test is a laboratory-developed test (LDT). This test was clinically validated with an independent cohort, with a specificity of at least 95% and a sensitivity of at least 90% for both Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OPSCC). This surpasses the current standard of care - the visual and tactile exam.

“Early detection of Oral and Throat cancer saves lives. With Viome’s simple non-invasive at-home test, you can have peace of mind. And we will continuously improve this test so you can get the best technology available in the market!”

Guru Banavar

Founding CTO & Head of Discovery AI,
Viome Life Sciences


Cancer Research

In addition to head and neck cancers, Viome has an extensive ongoing clinical study pipeline in gastrointestinal cancers including colorectal cancer, pancreatic, ovarian, cervical, and biliary cancers. We currently have cancer research trials that use saliva, blood, stool, and tumor biopsies to understand the onset and progression of cancer. By identifying the biomarkers that lead to the development of cancers, Viome can optimize early detection and identify the right therapeutic targets.


The salivary host/microbe metatranscriptomes as an
accurate diagnostic indicator of oral cancer

NPJ Genomic Medicine


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Our Mission

We founded Viome Life Sciences with one goal in mind: to tackle the epidemic of chronic diseases, cancer, and aging and empower people with the information they need to live a disease-free life.



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